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Encore! Special children take the stage

S.P. J. Sadhana School is more than a school; it is an internationally known Resource Centre for training persons with Special needs, as well as updating teachers in effective methodologies

Their aim is to help mentally challenged children / young adults to develop and realize their potential, by giving them opportunities to study, experience and enjoy their childhood and to empower them to lead.

And Shobiz for the past 4 years has enthusiastically supported this cause and helped to create memorable moments for the students as well as their families.

The SPJ Sadhana Annual Concert in the year 2007 and 2008 was one event wherein the kids in the entire school get an opportunity to showcase their talents in terms of dance, singing and handicraft. Shobiz not just executed this event but also conceptualized and customized all the event elements as per the theme. The student's performance was choreographed professionally and the event surely left them all with much more than smiles for life.

The year later Shobiz supported the school in the execution of a Press conference which would in turn aid the school in raising funds.

And in March, 2010; when Sadhana School was standing head up high with the their 5th batch of graduating students; Shobiz once again stood strong besides the school to thematically plan and execute the entire ceremony with Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam as the Chief Guest
Shobiz believes in maintaining the earth's cycle of goodwill and humanity and giving this world back its most deserved joy and peace in our own small ways.

Therefore we as Team Shobiz can truly assert that Shobiz certainly Cares!!!

"Shobiz has been a tremendous support in all our public functions, Annual Concerts and the Fashion Show for the past 12 years. Their expertise has been generously put at our service. The cost never comes in the way of showcasing, in the best way, our students' talents. They have enhanced our shows, so that, ability and not disability is showcased."

Sr. E. Gaitonde
SPJ Sadhana School