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A Joyous Shower Drenches The City

Monsoon is the harbinger of joy to everyone. Well, almost everyone. To the kids living on the tough streets of Mumbai, it can mean illness and vulnerability – Being robbed of the simple joy most of us take for granted.

But as the volunteers from Shobiz proved, all it takes sometimes is a raincoat to shelter the right of every child- To splash in a puddle and feel raindrops trickling down tiny fingers without a care in the world. The initiative christened 'Showers of Blessings' saw 75 volunteers visit 7 homes for destitute children over the course of three weekends in June, handing over raincoats and doling out joy to the children.

That is all it took; some time, some effort and raincoats to bring a smile to the faces of children who face adversity every single day. This Shobiz Cares initiative not only warmed the hearts of our volunteers but also added that splash of colour to the grey skies of Mumbai.

Here, we also share a video with you of this breathtaking experience.