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OMG! Fundraising with a difference

When a cause as noble as raising money for cancer research, diagnosis and treatment comes along, it is not very difficult to offer all the help you can.

This is exactly what happened when Shobiz heard about the fundraising evening for the Tata Medical Center that was to be held in London.

The evening comprised of an auction and play titled OMG.

The play, OMG, was researched and conceptualised by Geeta Gopalakrishnan, Director and Fundraiser for the Tata Medical Centre, to raise funds for the not-for-profit, world-class hospital in Kolkata.

OMG draws inspiration from Gandhiji's archived journals and explores his lesser known side as he speaks about subjects that concern, anger and excites us in the era we live in. The play was a collaborative effort between Geeta Gopalakrishnan as Mother Earth, film and theatre actor Dalip Tahil as Gandhiji and scriptwriter Seema Anand who played the storyteller.

Shobiz designed the layout, took care of stage setup, creative design and production, and even organized props for the show in London.

Each off the 101 seats at 51 Buckingham Gate, Taj Suites and Residences, London were sold out, making the experience a grand success. And as promised, the evening left the audience saying 'Oh my God'